Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to set timeout for JAX-WS client invocations programmatically in WebSphere

A few of my teammates find it difficult to get this working properly. I hope this write-up and example code below would help you. It's actually not too hard.

What can I adjust?

There are three timeouts you can set:

1. CONNECTION_TIMEOUT: The amount of time WebSphere JAX-WS client would wait to establish a http/https connection (default is 180 seconds)
2. WRITE_TIMEOUT: The amount of time the client would wait to finish sending the request (default is 300 seconds)
3. RESPONSE_TIMEOUT: The amount of time the client would wait to finish receiving the response (default is 300 seconds)

How can I set them in my application code?

You can adjust them by setting properties on the requestContext. See code sample below.

HelloWorldSOAPProxy proxy = new HelloWorldSOAPProxy(); // generated proxy class

Map requestContext = ((BindingProvider)proxy._getDescriptor().getProxy()).getRequestContext();
requestContext.put( , "1");
requestContext.put( , "2");
requestContext.put( , "40");


Note: The property value in the Map must be a String; and in seconds.

My code does not work in my environment. How do I troubleshoot it?

Use the WebSphere AdminConsole to enable this trace specification (on the client side): "*=all=enabled:org.apache.axis2.*=all=enabled"

You should see something like this in the trace (if you set the response timeout).

[04/08/2009 19:28:37:937 EDT] 00000000 > prepareHttpRequestHeaders(): Entry
[04/08/2009 19:28:37:953 EDT] 00000000 3 ...ConfigFromJAX_WS.getReadTimeout() : 40
[04/08/2009 19:28:37:953 EDT] 00000000 3 syncTimeoutValue 40000 ms for http

Additional tip:

If you are using a standalone Java client (outside of the J2EE container), you can set the WebSphere traceSpec using system properties.


and put your traceSpec in a file (e.g. on the working directory.


What if I can't or don't want to change the application code?

You can configure the HTTP Transport Policy to adjust these timeouts. See link in InfoCentre for details.

That's all for now.


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  3. Hi,

    I noticed that to set the JAXWS connection timeout, for instance, one could define the HTTP Transport Policy in the Policy Set of the set the timeout.
    But, I have a WS-Security Policy in my Policy Set and adding a HTTP Transport Policy seems to upset the application( get some exceptions and app does not work ).
    Any other suggestions ?

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