Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two new developerWorks articles on WS-RM and WS-Addressing

There are two new interesting developerWorks articles by some of my IBM colleagues.

  1. The first one is about how to apply WS-ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) to a JAX-WS Web Services. WebSphere introduced WS-RM support in the Feature Pack for Web Services and support is rolled in WebSphere 7.0 and enhanced. Here is the short summary of the article:

    "Learn how to enable WS-Reliable Messaging by creating a Web service from the ground up and applying WS-RM to it, using Rational® Application Developer V7.5 and WebSphere® Application Server V7."

  2. The second article is an overview of JAX-WS 2.1 Support for WS-Addressing in WebSphere Application Server. Here is the short summary of the article:

    "IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 includes support for the Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.1 specification. JAX-WS 2.1 is a maintenance release of Java Specification Request (JSR) 224 that extends the functionality provided by the JAX-WS 2.0 specification with new capabilities. The most significant new capability is support for Web Services Addressing (WS-Addressing) in the Application Programming Interface (API). In this article we learn how to use this new WS-Addressing support, and we see how it makes it easier for web service developers to write stateful web services."

Hope you find these articles useful.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

RAD 7.5.5 and Web Services support

Happy New Year!

Just before the holidays, RAD 7.5.5 was introduced which includes some additions for web services.  Details can be found here.  These additions enhance some of the capabilities that we've added to WebSphere or are actively working on.   Just a few high-level points include...

  • Support for JAX-RS runtimes.
There's now a preference that you can define a JAX-RS library to include the necessary runtime artifacts to pull in for JAX-RS support.  Therefore, the classes can be defined ones within this library, and a JAX-RS facet can then be utilized in order to pull in reference to those classes. 

Once this library has been defined, it's possible to define a JAX-RS facet pulling that in as part of the project.

 Additional configuration can then be done to specify some of the project-specific JAX-RS information.

This helps users not have to worry about including the libraries themselves (and can allow it to be separately managed).
  • Support for SAML
There's now a SAML Facet to ensure deployment to SAML-enabled WebSphere Application Servers  (see Facet diagram above),  support for SAML modifications in PolicySets and Bindings, as well as a SAML Sample that ships as part of RAD 7.5.5

  • Support for Policy Set and Binding Editors 
There is now XML editors for editing the Policy Sets and Bindings within RAD 7.5.5 for a number of different binding types.  An example is shown below for configuration of WS-Security for SAML.

I hope this helps bootstrap some folks to use some of the existing capabilities.