Friday, November 13, 2009

Apache Wink 1.0 in WebSphere Application Server

I'm glad to see that Apache Wink has reached it's 1.0 status and can be officially downloaded.   As I've seen various people deploy Apache Wink to WebSphere, I've had to point out a few things that are (and are not needed) when deploying the Wink libraries to WebSphere.  I've made a short video which showcases some of these items.

However, for brevity sake, some of the basic items are listed as follows:
  • WebSphere Application Server v7.0 (and the Feature Pack for Web Services on v6.1) both include JAXB, StAX, and the Java Activation Framework libraries (so the support can be obtained from WebSphere)
  • slf4j-jdk14 should be used instead of slf4j-simple.  This will enable better integration of the emitted informational/trace/debug messages.
  • File Serving needs to be disabled in the ibm-web-ext.xml file (if a user wants to use a URL mapping of "/*"
  • Shared libraries currently work either attached to the Web Application or at the Application level with a classloader setting of Application.  A known JIRA is open to resolve a classloading issue for classloaders set to Module and attached at the Application level.
I hope this helps some folks get started using Apache Wink on WebSphere...


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